Rutgers University Bands Alumni Association

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Hey Alumni!

The time has come to elect a new slate of RUBAA officers!

Any RUBAA member interested in running for an office must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) describing why they desire the RUBAA office. LOI's will be sent out to our members prior to voting.

Letters of Intent for the Executive Board for the 2022-2024 term must be submitted to no later than 11:59 PM EST on Friday, March 11, 2022. Below you can find an excerpt from the RUBAA Constitution on the board positions.

Article IV. Officers - Executive Committee

The following is a job description of each officer of the RUBAA. Each term of office will extend over a two year period commencing with Alumni Day.

  1. President: Oversees all activities of the RUBAA. Presides at all Executive Committee meetings. Acts as representative to the Executive Board of the RAA. Delegates authority and duties to other members of the RUBAA, and serves as a member ex-officio on all standing committees. Chairs the Election Committee.

  2. Member-at-Large: Maintains relations with the current Rutgers University Undergraduate Bands. Develops programs to assist present Bands members. Runs the RUBAA is the absence of the President. Reviews and maintains Committee reports. Acts as Music Librarian for the RUBAA.

  3. Treasurer: Maintains all financial records for the RUBAA. Assists Financial Chairperson in the development of fund-raising projects. Performs all necessary banking transactions. Approves budgets and payments for committees. Maintains records indication a member’s “active” status.

  4. Financial Chairperson: Develops programs to raise funds for all RUBAA requirements. Assists Treasurer in all financial functions, and substitutes for him/her as needed. Analyzes budgetary requirements of committees. Maintains historical records of the RUBAA.

  5. Membership Chairperson: Maintains personnel database of all members of the RUBAA. Coordinates all responses for RUBAA events, and produces any necessary reports and/or rosters for such events.

If you have any further questions about what each office entails, you are welcome to contact any of the current members of the Executive Committee.

In Rutgers Spirit,

Alison, Susan, Nicole, Chris, and Kyle

Pictures from the 100th Anniversary Celebration; Sept. 2015
Video from the 100th Celebration taken by alumni band member Keith Bradbury
RUBAA at Homecoming 2016